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Lyrics’n’literature: building emotional resilience

       cartel charla Scott Darnell


“In a world full of stresses, anxieties and pressures, I believe it is fundamental to teach our young adults how to reflect, cope and manage challenging situations that life throws at us. Social relationships, the demands of achieving high academic results, mindfulness and personal success – come and listen, feel and experience my passion for building emotional resilience into the lives of pupils and teachers”
  Wednesday   15th March 2017

11:30 a.m. (intermediate to advanced) , 17:00 p.m. (basic to intermediate) 

             And  19:45 p.m. (upper intermediate to C1)   ROOM S1

 By  Scott Darnell

Motivational presentation by Scott Darnell, Secondary Coordinator at British College La Cañada (Valencia), friend and former EOI language assisstant.


Se ha publicado la convocatoria de las pruebas de certificación para el presente curso. La convocatoria incluye:

  • instrucciones de matrícula para alumnos libres (excepto para el nivel C1, que tendrá convocatoria aparte)
    • preinscripción: del 6 al 18 de abril 2017
    • matrícula: del 5 al 15 de mayo 2017
  • calendario de las pruebas

Convocatoria: Resolución de 10 de febrero de 2017

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