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Susen Ahluwalia presents


by The English Department of EOI HUESCA

Come and learn all about the Bollywood dance phenomena, its popularity in the world,

its sensational style and, of course, how to dance Bollywood!

on Thursday 29th November at 6.45pm – 7.45pm

Susen Ahluwalia Presents


by The English Department of EOI HUESCA

Come and learn all about the religious festivals of India and the cultural traditions of this ancient
land. Experience the wonders and richness of the Indian way of life and stay for the surprise
demonstration at the end!

on Thursday 29th November at 5pm – 6pm

An Evening to dance o Una tarde para bailar


An evening for everybody to dance in English with Wilfried &Amaya
In 2003, Wilfried van Poppel founded DE LooPERS dance theatre for young audiences , with the aim to bring people in contact with dancing.

Friday 13 April may be your great opportunity to enjoy this 3-hour dancing experience (from 6 to 9pm).

The more the merrier

We need to know how many of us will be joining in, so please send an email (before March 27) to

saying:       Yes, I will

”Community dance is to dance with anyone, anywhere, at any time regardless of their experience, age, gender or social or ethnic background”. Royston Maldoom

II Muestra de Microrrelatos en 70 palabras

Muestra de microrrelatos en 70 palabras

Participa escribiendo un microrrelato en 70 palabras en la lengua o lenguas que estudias en la EOI de Huesca.

El microrrelato empezará con la frase:

I decided to remain there for good.

Ich beschloss, für immer dort zu bleiben.

Avevo deciso di rimanere lì per sempre.

J’ai décidé de rester là-bas pour toujours

Entrégaselo a tu profesor o profesora antes del 2 de marzo para su supervisión y una vez comentado, envíalo a la dirección de correo electrónico del Departamento de Extraescolares: . El tipo de letra será “Cambria” y 14 su tamaño.
Los microrrelatos se podrán leer en la página web de la escuela a partir del 19 de marzo y se podrá seleccionar una de las frases finales de uno de los microrrelatos participantes como frase comienzo del microrrelato para la muestra del próximo curso.
Se propone también una jornada de lectura de los microrrelatos en el mes de abril.

Anímate a participar


Viaje a Paris



Venez à Paris avec le Département de français !!!




Profesor : Javier Rubert

Départ de Huesca : Le 14 février 2018, à 05h00.

Arrivée à Paris et installation à l’hôtel.

Retour à Huesca : Le 18 février 2018, en soirée.

PRIX : 410 Euros. 350 Euros pour les moins de 25 ans.

Pour plus de renseignements, contactez le professeur Javier Rubert !!!



The general ignorance quiz

November 22nd, 2017     8:00 pm. Room S1

The General Ignorance Quiz

Test your International General Knowledge

General Ignorance

Photo Round

Celebrity round

This fun and sometimes frustrating quiz is packed with questions and challenges to get you really thinking.
The General Ignorance quiz will put your general knowledge to test, push your observation skills and test how well you know your celebrities, all at the same time.

By Armen Hovhannisyan

Cambridge University Press